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Pros & Cons of UFC Betting

  • Unique betting niche for UFC fans.
  • The most complete MMA sport to bet on.
  • It's becoming more and more popular.
  • Not many betting options compared to other sports.
  • The markets mostly only focus on the major events.
  • Very limited of markets on a lot of sites.

Bet on UFC on Irish Betting Sites

As it can almost be called the new king of sports in our beloved Ireland, we at Casinoble were not going to pass up the opportunity to create a guide.

In this UFC guide you will discover not only what makes the sport so special, but also all the details related to online betting.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also find out which are the sites that we have tested ourselves in Ireland so that you can place the safest and most rewarding bets in Ireland.

Best UFC Betting Sites

To make it onto our list of recommended UFC betting sites, strict conditions must be met. We do not simply accept the first site we see trying to convince with great bonuses and promotions. Instead, we analyze in detail who are really the best of 2024 in Ireland. Here are the absolute best UFC betting sites you will find in Ireland!

Kasino výběr

The UFC is starting to gain a lot of ground among both fans and bettors.

With so many famous names popping up, such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, or Khabib Nurmagomedov, the sport has really made a massive leap from what it was before.

That’s why we are here at Casinoble to give you that extra thrill and turn your betting into the best experience you could have ever imagined.

We’ll teach you the essentials on how we bring you the best UFC betting sites, what our requirements are, the best bonuses in Ireland, mobile versions and apps, and of course, how to improve your UFC betting.

Don’t miss out on one of Ireland’s favorite sports, and let’s get to it!

New UFC Betting Sites

New betting sites have it even harder, and that in all respects.

With so much competition out there, it’s a difficult task to make a name for yourself, but that’s why we’re here.

We want to show you on Casinoble, which are really the best sites that make the difference in 2024.

They don’t just have to have innovative and modern aspects.

They also have to meet our requirements on Casinoble to reach our top.

Take a look at the best new UFC betting sites.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

With everything that is happening and appearing on the Internet, the most important thing nowadays is, without a doubt, finding and using a trustworthy site.

That applies even more to betting sites since we are talking about your own money that you put at stake.

That’s why we are implementing betting site requirements, where we check and verify all the details to know whether a sportsbook is worth it or not.

Below we will explain the four most important points precisely.

These are crucial for us and should also be an essential element for your next bookmaker search.

Here they are:

Trusted Betting Sites 2
  • License: Licenses are perhaps one of the most critical elements in all betting sites, and that’s why they also appear in all the reviews you will read out there. To offer legal and honest bets, a bookie needs to have a valid license from the British Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or Curacao’s license. If that license is not up to date and well displayed on the betting site, we would never recommend that specific site.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Withdrawing money is what we all want to do when winning a prize or cash at betting sites. But it is not always that easy. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the withdrawal terms, which will tell you when you will receive your money and what you will have to do. At Casinoble, we therefore only select sites that offer fair and achievable conditions.
  • Support: Any expert can tell you that the only thing that makes a betting site truly professional is customer support. That’s why we always contact a bookie’s customer support first, to know for sure that they are an experienced team that wants to improve the experience of players and bettors.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Often, a license is not good enough if we do not know beforehand the page we are visiting. That is why independent testing agencies like eCOGRA check and test the gambling sites for you. This guarantees all users and new customers that the sites really stand up to their claims.
Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

The Internet today is buzzing with the word bonus and there are plenty of reasons why.

With so much happening in the world of betting and online casinos in 2024, bonuses have become the most prominent attraction to lure and convince new bettors.

That’s why we want to explain to you the best bonuses you can find for your UFC bets in 2024.

These are undoubtedly the ones that appear the most on the Internet in Ireland, which can considerably improve your new betting session.

Get ready to know the basics about deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free bets, and of course, also the terms and conditions.

You cannot ignore these under any circumstances.

  • Deposit Bonus: You will find a lot of deposit bonuses on the Internet. That’s for sure. Because they serve as a welcome bonus as well as several bonuses divided into different parts. A deposit bonus actually helps bring you a certain amount of free money from the site, depending on how much you have deposited. These amounts can be 50%, 100%, or up to 300% of your own money. Besides, they often also include free bets or free spins.
  • No Deposit Bonus: If there is one thing that attracts new users to gambling sites, then it is no deposit bonuses. These are the ideal way to discover a new site or receive a gift from a bookie without giving anything in return. The amounts are usually modest but still very worthwhile, especially if you don’t want to deposit your money to play yet.
  • Terms & Conditions: We have said that the terms and conditions are essential, and we say this with the utmost sincerity. They are necessary because they will always tell you how you will have to bet to withdraw your money or receive a bonus. If you ignore them, you will most likely not get the bonus, as the bookmakers have to make sure that you comply with a specific protocol to get the money.

Free Bets on UFC

If you have ever visited a bookmaker to bet on UFC or any other sport, then you will have seen the word free bets several times.

These are like the bookmaker’s currency, giving you in many circumstances to spend on their site.

And while it may sound more like a marketing strategy to attract or appeal to bettors, it actually helps a lot to boost your bets.

That is why there are more and more promotions that focus on free bets.

To find them, just check the welcome offer of the UFC betting site.

If you are already a member of a site, then you will receive plenty of them in their emails or in the promotions they are offering.

UFC Betting Apps

UFC Betting Apps

Apps exist for all kinds of stores, activities, games, services, etc.

Therefore they also exist, of course, for UFC betting sites, but not only that.

These days, people are even betting much more on mobile devices than traditional bookmakers or computers.

People bet so much on UFC betting apps because they have an infinite number of advantages, which were unthinkable before.

Now you can be anywhere in the world and at any time, betting on every market, sport, odds, or casino game like blackjack or roulette.

The same also applies to mobile casinos, which already reign in the iGaming industry.

UFC Betting Apps
Bet on UFC

Bet on the UFC

Bet on UFC

Betting on the UFC is becoming online sports betting royalty.

We can thank the fact that the sport has grown tremendously over the last decade, attracting more and more new fans and followers.

But the UFC is not so easy to understand either, as it is very complex compared to other sports.

That’s why we want to explain to you the basics of UFC betting and how you can improve yourself for your next fight.

We’ll explain the best there is about UFC betting in Ireland below.

You’ll see that in no time, you’ll feel ready to step into the wagering octagon!

Boxing Odds

Knowing that the UFC is booming and that live betting is the most popular option on betting sites, it is only normal that the odds also vary.

This means that you will find all kinds of exciting odds, depending on the moment and also on the site you are going to visit.

Of course, things change before a fight or a tournament.

The more people an event attracts, the more interest there will be around those odds and promotions.

That’s why we can always advise you to keep the UFC odds under control and only go by what you know and control.

Improve Your Betting

Improve betting? We should all do that. At least once in a while, no matter how much of an expert you are.

There will always be things you’ve skipped or ignored that can push your winnings to a whole new level.

That’s why we want to bring you here our top three Casinoble tips, which our experts use on every bet.

These are not only our top tips to help you with your UFC betting.

They are fundamental elements that you should always keep in mind when placing a bet in any field. Especially online.

So be prepared and be very attentive to implement these three pillars in your next bets:

  • Focus: You’ve probably been told that focus is everything in a sport. And it’s true. Because you have to bear in mind that the markets, odds, and movements happening on the betting sites do not stop. That’s why the best thing you can do to become a UFC betting expert as soon as possible is to focus as much as the fighters in the octagon.
  • Information / Data: Did you think that having data on the Internet is only for companies? Not really. Because it is up to you to collect all the possible information and data you can get from athletes, tournaments, fights, and even training sessions. Only then will you really know which outcomes will benefit you. Because even if some odds are not as high as others, you will see that as soon as you have the necessary information, all of them turn into profits.
  • Hedge Bet Live: If there is something easy and simple that helps in every betting session, then it is hedge bets. But the truth is that live hedge bets are even better. Because these bets allow you to spread your bets, reduce your risks, and maximize your winnings with enough information on the fights. The UFC is also an ideal sport for this type of betting. As it allows you to calmly analyze the situations between each round.

Betting Options

What remains certain is that the UFC has several betting options similar to other sports.

That’s a huge advantage for new bettors and fans of the sport who are still a little unsure.

For starters, on the most well-known and dominant of all UFC betting sites, you have betting options like the iconic ‘Moneyline.’

Then you have what determines the rounds of the fight, which are ‘Round Betting.’

Finally, you have the ‘Method of Victory,’ which will determine how the fight was won.

Knowing these three options will give you a small head start.

Which will immediately propel you into all the other options of the UFC.

Betting Systems

To become a betting expert, be it for the UFC or any other aspect of betting, the most crucial thing is always to have a system.

This will allow you to have a plan to hold on to. Thus maximizing your winnings and reducing your risks.

There is no point in simply betting on a fight that has high odds.

You will see that only with a practical and easy-to-use system will you be able to have a consistency that will elevate you to the next level of wagering.

Live Betting

Nowadays, everything is live when we talk about the Internet.

Whether it’s streaming events or even the meetings we have with our companies.

That’s why live betting has become the king of betting in 2024.

But there are hundreds of reasons why.

Live betting brings a new angle to the world of sports. Where it evens the playing field between the event, the bookmaker, and you.

With a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, you can not only follow the odds to the second.

You can also bet at any time to guarantee your winnings.

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

Many people wonder what the big difference between online and offline betting is.

Well, today, they are called so, but previously offline betting represented the classic bookmaker.

We all know that in 2024 it is more challenging to do so.

That’s why we always recommend our readers to bet online.

At Casinoble, we specialize in the best online betting, be it for the UFC or any other field.

We explain and analyze for our readers all the best aspects such as sports, casino games, payment methods, bonuses, and much more!

Online vs Offline

Responsible Betting

Our top priority at Casinoble will always be to provide a safe and responsible environment for our readers.

We always focus on responsible gambling, creating only guides, articles, and tips to enjoy gambling and betting online.

If you feel you need help to get your money or gambling habits under control, we encourage you to ask for help.

You don’t have to be afraid, as everyone can lose power at some point.


Betting on the UFC in Ireland is no mystery. The sport is so popular that there are some real gems of betting sites with an impressive assortment. Please take a look at our suggestions at Casinoble Ireland and discover the best ones.

A good UFC betting site is everything you need to have a fantastic online experience. But good sites are also committed to offering the best possible. Take a look at the features of the betting sites on Casinoble, and you’ll soon see what we mean!

UFC bonuses are pretty standard in Ireland. That’s why you will find them easily. To get one, the usual way is by registering on a betting site, depositing your money, or participating in a promotion.

The bonus conditions are always necessary, not only with the UFC because they will tell you what you have to do to use and withdraw your money and your bonus.

Our favorite time to bet on the UFC is live. Because if you follow a fight well and you know what is going on, then you will always have this market in your favor.

The most-watched fight in the history of the sport was Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor during UFC 229. There were around 2.4 million Pay-Per-View buys.

To learn more about betting and the world of UFC online, you can always read what we have on Casinoble. We analyze and explain all the details about the UFC betting world.

Just like other combat sports, the UFC has some very well-established main markets. It consists of three betting options: ‘ Moneyline,’ ‘Round Betting,’ and ‘Method of Victory.’

Of course, there are UFC betting sites that offer exclusive bonuses and focused events in the sport. That’s why we at Casinoble recommend exclusive sites that provide the best of the UFC.

There are indeed expert bettors on the internet. However, we don’t want to encourage anyone to try to achieve financial sustainability by betting online. At Casinoble, we want our readers to enjoy online gambling as just another activity, as long as it’s fun and they can control it.

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