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Pros & Cons of Football Betting

  • The most popular sport to bet on.
  • The biggest arrange of markets and odds.
  • Great way to get bonuses like free bets.
  • The main focus is on the major leagues.
  • Certain promotions require high knowledge.
  • Markets can be driven mostly by national leagues.

Bet on Football on Irish Betting Sites

The whole of Europe is crazy about betting on football and watching the best tournaments and championships in the world.

Ireland is no stranger to football madness and we can’t simply ignore this fascination, which is why we have worked on the best football guide in the country.

On this Casinoble page, you can find out how to get started in football betting and what distinguishes it from other sports.

In addition, we have a number of good sites recommended by us that are both safe and full of promotions.

Best Football Betting Sites

To get an idea of what the best football betting sites in Ireland really are, take a look at the ones we have below. These have been carefully checked and analyzed by us to assure you that all of them are footballing paradise, offering some imposing features and promotions. Take a look and see which one you like best!

Kasino výběr

We all know the beautiful game, and many of us live in weekly.

Whether it’s a league, the Champions League, the Europe League, or the Euro or World Cup!

That’s why football has become the most dominant sport in the betting world, attracting millions of daily punters who get lost in a sea of markets and infinite odds.

These markets cover every conceivable aspect of the sport, which is why it’s hard to ignore football when you log on to a betting site.

But it’s not all just about leagues or odds.

On top of that, the vast majority of betting sites in Ireland also focus their promotions on football.

Indeed, this attracts more punters than any other element of the site.

That’s why today, we’re going to take a closer look at exactly how you can get started at the best football betting sites in 2024.

We’ll show you on Casinoble precisely what you’ll need to know about trusted sites.

Plus, we’re also going to handle bonuses, free football betting, mobile apps, options, live betting, odds, online and offline, and the best way to improve your football betting.

Don’t miss this short but intense course on football betting and find the perfect place to bet in 2024 in Ireland with Casinoble!

New Football Betting Sites

If you’re interested in discovering something new for your favorite football bets, then take a look at the new football betting sites we’re recommending in 2024.

These, of course, also have to meet our Casinoble requirements, plus a few extras as we take special care when recommending a site that hasn’t been around for a long time.

Don’t worry about anything, as all of these sites are well verified and offer some entirely new experiences!

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites

As you may have already noticed, we take both betting and football very seriously.

That’s why we always want to guarantee the best possible experience for our readers.

Every football betting site that we recommend has to meet particular requirements to be included in our recommendations.

It is not enough to simply have a beautiful design or offer a spectacular bonus.

The experience is often much more about the details and the trust in the site.

At Casinoble, we look for the most trusted betting sites of 2024.

These have proven to be on top of all critical aspects of the betting environment.

If a site does not meet the requirements we ask for, then it will never see the light of day on our lists because it is of the utmost importance that every punter enjoys betting with their own money.

You have to remember that gambling can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t find the right place for it.

We will now explain to you precisely what factors need to stand out on a football betting website, and these factors are not just limited to the ones we look at.

They should be crucial elements for anyone who wants to start betting.

So take a good look at the following four elements, and apply them every time you venture onto a new betting site.

Trusted Betting Sites
  • License: It all starts with the licensing in online gambling. This small but crucial detail on the bookmaker’s homepage makes all the difference. Because only a license can assure you that the site you have chosen is really worth it, or not. Because considering how easy it is to open a website offering games and bets, the chance of being cheated is tremendous. That is why authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are heavily involved. They make sure that online casinos, sportsbooks, and players feel safe, knowing what to expect at all times. With these licenses, online gambling sites can offer legal gambling. Players will always know that they are dealing with a safe, transparent, and honest venue.
  • Withdrawal Terms: As lovely as a bonus may look, it always comes down to the withdrawal terms. Nothing shows honesty and fairness like a bookmaker’s withdrawal terms. And although it may sound strange at first glance, these two words are among the most important in any betting environment. What they determine are the conditions that the site will set for you to withdraw your money. Because although it would be ideal to simply withdraw any amount of money you have won, the truth is that betting sites are obliged to set conditions. That’s why we always look in detail at withdrawal terms to know if a football betting site is fair and honest towards its players in Ireland.
  • Support: Help can never, ever be lacking on a sportsbook or in an online casino. With the number of elements that exist in betting, it is easy to get lost sometimes. That’s where customer support comes in. Not only can they guide you if you’re unfamiliar with their site. But they can also answer any questions you may have. One trick we have to really know if a site is valid or not is to talk to customer support and see if they are professional and honest. Because good customer support will even be able to lend you a hand with a bonus, while a bad one will make your life a living hell. Whatever you bet or play, our suggestion is always to check first if the customer support also has good reviews.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Did you think we were just going to look at a betting site’s license to see if it is safe and honest? Of course not. At Casinoble, we’re interested in whether a site really has everything it takes to prove that it’s the safest place on the internet. That’s why we only trust if independent testing agencies have given their seal of approval to the site. To give you an idea of what they are all about, these laboratories are only concerned with testing and checking whether a website really does what it says it does. Only if an online gambling site proves that eCOGRA, iTech Labs, TST, GLI, Gaming Associates, NMi, BMM Testlabs, or SQS can be recommended on Casinoble.
Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Who doesn’t want to find the best football betting bonuses? 2024 is a year that’s gathering bonuses from all corners, as football betting sites continually strive to win over new customers through their promotions.

As you may already know, it’s not all about the money they can give you.

The important thing is to know if it’s a bonus that’s good for you and if you’ll actually be able to use it to the full.

Sometimes, even a lower amount of free bets, bonus spins, or even real money can be better for your betting style, because hardly anyone wants to get €2,000 if they only have a couple of days to turn it into €80,000.

That’s why we at Casinoble want to explain to you not only what bonuses to look out for in 2024 but also how to use them to your advantage if you decide to bet on football.

What’s more, all the bonuses we recommend in Ireland are part of an ideal betting environment.

This ensures that betting and playing on a website is a unique experience, full of excitement and fun.

Here are the most essential and well-known features of online bonuses, which you should look out for first and foremost at bookmakers:

  • Deposit Bonus: There is nothing more popular than deposit bonuses, both at sportsbooks and online casinos in 2024. These are a favorite of every player and the sites that offer them, as they attract the most players. A deposit bonus is based on a “quid pro quo,” which basically means that you’re getting a favor granted in return for something. If we put it in gambling site jargon, this essentially means that the site will give you something in return for your money. If, for example, you deposit €100 for the first time and the site you have chosen guarantees you a 100% bonus, then what you can expect is another €100. These are usually offered in free bets at sportsbooks, along with bonus conditions, of course. But you won’t always see a 100% bonus, and that’s it. Each betting site varies, and sometimes you’ll find straight free bets or even a bonus of up to 300%.
  • No Deposit Bonus: A significant member of 2024 that has become very popular lately is the no deposit bonus. With all the things that have changed and the interest that the online gambling world has attracted, many new players don’t want to venture out even with their own money and prefer to receive a no deposit bonus from bookmakers. This bonus is quite simple. It involves receiving a certain amount of money to place bets without spending any of it yourself. Of course, it is not a tremendous amount of money, but enough to place some decent bets on the site. Quintessential to know is that these bonuses come with stricter bonus conditions, as they are basically free money from the sportsbook.
  • Terms & Conditions: Just like the terms and conditions we are familiar with when we register, buy or upgrade a well-known product, bookmakers have their own. And while we often simply accept what they tell us to accept to continue, at bookies, you really have to read them and know what they are all about. Because there is nothing more crucial when it comes to accepting a bonus than the conditions attached to it. That’s where you’ll really see if a bonus is worth it or not. So never ignore terms and conditions when it comes to betting and always try to find the most transparent, fair, and honest ones on the internet to enjoy your bonus.

Free Bets on Football

Which betting site is not trying to seduce with free bets in 2024?

This bonus is the mother of all sports betting bonuses, as it boosts any bet that punters are going to place.

Just as the word says, it is as simple as free money from the betting site to use on their platform.

That means that you can’t simply redeem the free bets and use them on another betting site.

Each site has its own, and it serves exclusively to improve your betting or wagering without having to risk your own money.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of sportsbooks will try to hook you into their site with free bets in their promotions.

This is by no means a bad thing, but free bets also come with bonus conditions that you should be aware of.

Football Betting Apps

Football Betting Apps

Betting no longer takes place primarily on computers or in the physical bookmakers you’ll find around your town.

Nowadays, the vast majority of football betting is done on smartphones.

That’s why there are thousands of football betting apps in Ireland that make it easy for you to bet on the beautiful game, anywhere, anytime.

But these apps are not just about sport.

The most famous bookmakers and online casinos have really opened up a new era in which you will almost always be playing on the small screen.

Mobile casinos in 2024 are the most prominent sensation, and in sport, there can’t be anything better either.

When choosing a football betting app, the vital thing to consider is whether it really has everything you’re looking for and is up to date with the latest technological innovations.

Football Betting Apps

Bet on Football

Bet on Football

The most considerable amount of online betting is on football.

Both Ireland and Europe love to bet on the beautiful game. Millions of euros are spent each day on the different leagues.

We must also bear in mind that football is, after all, a sport like many others.

That makes betting on football, although there is a lot more variety, no more difficult than any other sport out there.

At Casinoble, we love football, and that’s why we also know what to recommend.

Both on the best betting sites and on how to bet on 2024.

Below we’ll show you some tips and tricks that you can instantly apply to your betting, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Bet on Football

Live Betting

The most popular bets in 2024 are live bets.

Thanks to the use of mobile devices, live betting has attracted a massive number of new bettors.

Live betting allows you to bet on what you feel and what you know.

If you know who will score the next goal when the match comes to an end, then you can simply log on to your betting page and place your bet in a matter of seconds.

You also have a wide variety of live markets, which move their odds and possibilities every second.

Football Odds

The great thing about football is that with so many different bets, systems and markets, the odds are endless.

You can bet on anything from the impossible odds of a modest team winning against a giant.

Or that a player will score a goal in a precise minute.

This guarantees tremendous odds that will multiply your money like a jackpot.

Still, betting on football is not like playing at the casino, where sooner or later, something will drop.

You have to keep in mind that bookmakers analyze every detail of the sport with traders, and that’s why they keep their odds tight but exciting enough to attract customers.

Improve Your Betting

Even if you know your football betting odds or systems, the important thing is to have your own methods and styles to improve your winnings.

Not everything is based on the obvious, which is why we want to show you three key elements that will immediately stand out in your next bet:

  • Focus: Always, always keep your focus. Getting distracted by betting is easy as there are so many different possibilities. But once you’ve found the bet, you know you can win, then you have to stick to it. Only by focusing can you ensure that you maintain a winning consistency without falling into the traps of perpetual odds.
  • Information / Data: Nothing matters if you don’t know where you put your money. Even if you like football and watch it regularly, the important thing is that you really know what is going to happen before the match or tournament. Suppose you analyze and follow the performance of a team or player, both in previous matches and in training. In that case, you will always have an edge on the odds. Bear in mind that if bookmakers analyze every move in football, then you can and should too.
  • Hedge Bet Live: One of the best tricks you can have up your sleeve is to use live hedge bets. These involve spreading your money across different bets and minimizing your risk and your chances of winning one of them. If you are well informed and focused, then live hedge bets can be the ideal solution to always guarantee a good outcome.

Betting Options

In the betting options, football also dominates with a great variety.

Still, the main options will always stand out, as almost all bets are placed on them.

These options range from the correct result, which will always be the first choice, to the scorer or what will happen until half-time.

Most online bookmakers also know how to pamper even the most discerning punter, with markets such as yellow cards, which player will be injured, and in which exact minute the next goal will be scored.

Fortunately, there is such a wide variety of options and odds, making it accessible to both new and experienced bettors alike.

The best advice we can give you here at Casinoble is to take a look for yourself at what the site you are interested in has to offer.

Betting Systems

Football betting systems, of course, also exist and are pretty popular.

To increase or decrease the risk of the bet, some methods vary according to each element of the game.

The best tips we can give you to start using a powerful football betting system are as follows:

  1. Betting on corners
  2. Bet on double odds
  3. Bet on favorites
  4. Betting small amounts of money
  5. Bet on the number of goals

Football is all about keeping an open mind and knowing that anything can happen.

That’s why it’s crucial to know how to put your money on something that you can analyze adequately and also what has the lowest risk factor.

Online vs Offline

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

When we think of online betting, then we think of bookmakers that promote themselves on the internet.

Offline is represented by the actual bookmakers that are found in our neighborhoods or cities.

Why is it important to know the difference between the two? Well, because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

At Casinoble, we always recommend online bookmakers in Ireland, which are among the best that exist in 2024.

Since it is no longer so easy to play or bet at an actual bookmaker, an online betting site is a place to continue to enjoy the best betting.

Plus, they always have bonuses, promotions, and variety that no physical or offline site can match.

Responsible Betting

Responsible gambling is everything at Casinoble.

As a betting comparison site, we always want to make sure that both readers and those going to venture into one of the sites we recommend are doing so responsibly and aware of what can happen.

That’s why we always make sure that everything we talk about, analyze, and advise on Casinoble is fair, legal, and honest towards players and bettors.


There are several methods of betting on football in Ireland in 2024. You can do it at a sportsbook, either on your computer or mobile phone or at a land-based bookmaker. However, we advise you to take a look at the sites we recommend in Ireland if you want to start betting on football.

To know if a betting site is really good, you have to check several factors such as betting options, odds, promotions, and above all the legality of the site. For that always take a look at their licenses and online reviews.

Many football betting sites offer their players bonuses as soon as they sign up and others give them away on a regular basis in order to play with free bets or even cashback. Always check the terms and conditions or contact customer support to find out more about bonuses.

Because it is the most-watched and followed sport in the world. Europe is the ultimate football mecca and that’s why millions of euros are spent on it every day.

The best time depends on your style of play, interest, and also the system you are going to use. Always check the betting odds before matches or tournaments and live betting to find out which bets are best for you.

It is difficult to determine exactly who has the best football betting offers or bonuses in Ireland. What is clear is that there are an infinite number of promotions to suit every punter. Take a look at our Casinoble list and see if any of them suit you.

In football, there is absolutely everything you could wish for. From the lowest league to the Champions League. We recommend that you start betting on what you know and what you can analyze well so that you can guarantee good consistency in your winnings.

Without a doubt, the most popular betting league is the Premier League, followed by the Champions League and also La Liga or the Bundesliga. These are the main markets that attract the most bettors.

Of course, there are unlicensed websites that offer football betting illegally. Always be very careful where you bet and always check if a site has the necessary licenses and reviews to be your main betting site.

There are people who make a living from football betting, but we strongly recommend treating it as a hobby or pastime rather than a source of income.

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