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Pros & Cons of Boxing Betting

  • Huge tradition in the betting culture.
  • Higher limits than other sports.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Less markets and events than other sports.
  • Driven mostly towards the major events.
  • Bonuses are only available during events.

Bet on Boxing on Irish Betting Sites

Ireland is a country that is determined to succeed in boxing and everything that involves the sport.

With so many years of successful history, we felt the need to create a complete guide for you so that you can be the next one to place the best online boxing bets.

If you want to get excited about the next fight, then don’t hesitate to discover here the secrets of the sport, how to bet online and our top recommended websites.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

Many betting sites are fighting to be among the best in 2024, but there is not enough room for them. That’s why we rely on our experts at Casinoble to carefully check and analyze every betting site that carries high expectations. But our requirements are very demanding, which is why we only select the best of the best. Here are the best boxing betting sites of 2024 in Ireland:

Kasino výběr

Who hasn’t seen one of those boxing scenes in a movie? People around the ring, losing their heads and betting like crazy?

Well, boxing has a long history in betting, whether in movies or in real life.

Casinoble is here to explain what you need to know to improve your boxing betting and find the best boxing betting sites in Ireland.

With so much history and so many legendary fights, no sports lover can turn down boxing.

So get ready to learn the best there is to learn about this fantastic one-on-one.

We’ve got the best tips to look out for when venturing into a new betting site.

We’ll talk about the requirements we demand for a site to be among the best.

We’ll knock out the best bonuses of 2024 and we’ll teach you how to become a true boxing betting expert.

New Boxing Betting Sites

New betting sites also have to be taken into account, that’s for sure.

If the best sites have to meet strict requirements, the new ones have to comply with the same.

At Casinoble, we take extra care when analyzing the new boxing betting sites to make sure that they meet the new demands of punters.

Plus, the technology, and a few extra favorable details that we didn’t expect.

Trusted Betting Sites 2

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

We talk a lot about betting site requirements, but the truth is that it is essential that you feel safe and secure when betting.

That’s why we put almost all of our attention into providing our Casinoble readers with a variety of the highest quality betting sites available online.

We want to ensure that you will always find reliable betting sites, which make the experience of playing and betting online not only unique but also fun.

Therefore, our experts follow strict guidelines of requirements and demands, which any betting site has to meet with flying colors.

Here are the four most important criteria we impose when analyzing a betting site:

  • License: Have you ever been told about the importance of betting site licenses? Well, if you don’t know what they are for, they make gambling legal and safe on the internet. Suppose a site doesn’t take pride in displaying its license from the British Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority at the bottom of its homepage. In that case, it’s no good for us. It is mandatory to have a valid and up-to-date license to offer legal gambling and be listed in Casinoble’s recommendations.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Several things annoy gamblers, and one of them is the withdrawal terms. That’s why we pay special attention to the withdrawal details that appear on every betting site. Because no one wants to be forced to spend ten times as much time on a site as they want to, just to be able to take a small amount of money that is rightfully theirs.
  • Support: To find out whether a sportsbook really does what it says it does in terms of security and reliability, you should always contact customer support firsthand. Although it may seem silly, this element can change everything about a bookie, both improving and diminishing the experience in no time. That is why we constantly analyze the qualities of customer support to determine the degree of professionalism that shines through on the site.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Licenses are not everything at betting sites, although many would have you believe they are. For a site to receive a seal of approval from both Casinoble and the betting community, it must have a certificate from an independent testing agency such as eCOGRA. These laboratories verify and test betting sites thoroughly to ensure that they actually deliver customers what they promise. Only if a site can demonstrate that it has been tested and approved by one of these labs will jump to our list of recommendations.

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

We’ve all searched more than once for a bonus to start playing or betting online.

What’s the point of joining a betting site if it’s not to receive a certain amount of money that makes betting more special?

That’s why we want to inform and explain to you which bonuses you should look out for in 2024.

It’s not enough to just pick up a bonus, whether it’s a sportsbook bonus or a casino bonus.

You have to look at a few other elements, which will tell you whether a bonus is worthwhile or not.

If you don’t quite know what we’re talking about, then continue reading and find out exactly how you can get the best bonus you can for your boxing betting.

Betting Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus: The leading and most sought-after bonus on the net is without a doubt the deposit bonus. It makes the difference between one site and another. Because a good deposit bonus, which can be a 100% bonus (or more), together with 50 or 100 free bets, is undoubtedly a very juicy way to get started on a new sportsbook. If, say, another site offers you only 30 free spins, and for slots, then it’s no good if you want to bet on boxing. The first thing you need to understand is that these bonuses are almost always welcome bonuses when you deposit for the first time at a betting site or an online casino. It is their way of rewarding you for choosing their site by giving you free money that you can use on their platform.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Don’t want to spend your money yet? No problem. Because a lot of betting sites in 2024 is offering new customers a no deposit bonus. This allows you to start using a site without having to spend any of your own money. Of course, it will never be large amounts, but at least it allows you to place a few bets and see if you really like the atmosphere. Of course, if you win and stay on the site, then you will have a few strict bonus conditions that you will have to meet.
  • Terms & Conditions: Who has never heard of terms and conditions? Who has never skipped them? Well, you can’t do that at bookies. Because they will instruct you precisely what you have to do to use the bonus correctly. Because you can’t just get your hands on the free money and then redeem it. The sites impose several conditions, which require you to comply with specific rules before you can withdraw your money.

Free Bets on Boxing

If you want to bet on boxing, then forget about free spins, bonus spins, and so on.

What you should be looking for are free bets. Why is that?

They allow you to both improve your betting and bet on many more aspects of a fight, which you couldn’t afford to do before.

Just like the deposit bonus, free bets also serve as a type of virtual money from the boxing betting site so you can enjoy more bets.

Boxing betting sites do this to attract more boxing fans who don’t want to risk too much of their money and make them stay longer on their site.

Even if it is a marketing strategy of the sites, it is really you who can benefit from it.

That’s why you should always look for promotions with free bets, which interest you and which have fair and reasonable terms and conditions that can be fulfilled.

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

What would the world be without smartphones? And what would sport be? Well, today there is, of course, the possibility to enjoy betting and technology together.

Thanks to the thousands of boxing betting site apps, you can carry your favorite bets in your pocket and use them whenever you feel like it.

This has made the live betting market grow by leaps and bounds, which is undoubtedly the absolute dominant market in the world of sports betting.

You can also switch to a mobile casino if you’re looking for the whole experience.

These casinos have also taken the gambling industry by storm, thanks to technological advances and the ease of using one of these apps or mobile versions.

Betting on Boxing

Bet on Boxing

Betting on boxing, as you know, has a very long history going back decades and even centuries.

In fact, along with horse racing, boxing was one of the first grains of sand in the vast empire of betting.

The truth is that betting on boxing has never lost popularity.

Given the characteristics of the sport, betting is a paradise for those who know how to do it.

And that’s what we at Casinoble are here for, to show you how to bet on boxing in 2024.

We want you to understand precisely where and how to start, informing you about betting options, systems, live betting, and how to improve your own betting methods.

Bet on Boxing

Betting Options

If you are not familiar with the betting options in boxing, you need to familiarize yourself with a few terms.

The main thing in the boxing world is the KO, but then comes the TKO, TD, DQ, or win by decision.

These have always made a big difference in boxing.

Be well informed about these options so that you know exactly which one is the best at any given moment and how to use them to your advantage, especially during live betting.

Live Betting

Clearly, the best bets in boxing have always come from live or last-minute betting.

Round after round, things get more intense, the fighters more injured, and the odds get higher.

That’s why boxing is also dominated by live betting, which brings all the emotions to the surface.

In live boxing betting, you will find all kinds of options and systems you can implement, thus ensuring constant and lucrative winnings.

Plus, once you visit one of the boxing betting sites we recommend in 2024, you’ll see that many even offer exclusive live betting promotions.

Boxing Odds

Boxing odds have always been a tingling factor for bettors.

What appears before a fight can change drastically every second.

That’s why it’s so important to know what happens before and during a fight.

Like in other sports, boxing also has a constant movement of live odds, especially when the end is approaching, whether in rounds or in the endurance of a fighter.

Improve Your Betting

There is one thing that will never change in betting, and that is that we can all improve ourselves.

Even if you think you’ve found your perfect betting options and system, the truth is that there are many factors that we sometimes don’t take into account.

That’s why we want to give you our top three tips to improve your boxing betting.

Here they are:

  • Focus: Be attentive and focused. That first and foremost. Because no one has ever won back-to-back, simply by betting like a madman, just because they saw the odds on a website. You have to pay attention and know what your target will be. You will see that as soon as you know how to focus your attention, you will quickly get a head start on the other bettors, and you will not be fooled by the obvious.
  • Information / Data: In our era, data is everything. But we don’t mean the same thing on betting sites. We mean everything you can accumulate in your head to know the outcome of the bets. The information you can gather before or during a fight is crucial for your betting. So, study as much as you can about the conditions and statuses of the fighters. So that you always have the edge on the boxing betting sites.
  • Hedge Bet Live: Spread your bets. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as this will only increase your risk and not your winnings. That’s why we love live hedge bets when it comes to boxing. These are an excellent opportunity to spread your bets well and increase those odds of winning with the data and information we have accumulated.
Online vs Offline

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

There will always be a big difference between online and offline gambling.

By online, we refer to the betting sites, which we talk about and recommend at Casinoble.

These have dominated the market in recent years.

They can fill up and expand with all kinds of sports, markets, odds, games, bonuses, payment methods such as Bitcoin and PayPal, and much more.

If we talk about offline, then it’s the bookmakers that are on your street, in your neighborhood, or in your city.

These have suffered an enormous blow recently, but they have always been the primary place for betting.

Responsible Betting

When we say that almost all of our focus is on offering the best sites to our customers, our top priority is to make sure that we always promote responsible gambling and do not put any of our readers at risk of gambling addiction.

At Casinoble, we aim to create a responsible and professional environment, which warns and advises solely on the elements and trends of the Irish gambling world.

That’s why we take responsible gambling very seriously and encourage any of our readers to ask for help if they need it.

This is essential to get gambling habits under control and enjoy the game as much as possible.


To bet on boxing in Ireland we advise you to take a look at the best boxing betting sites that we recommend at Casinoble.

Betting sites are a tricky thing. With so many out there and so many important factors, you have to be sure you know where to look. First of all, always keep an eye on the licenses and tests the site has passed and then its qualities such as markets, odds, services, and bonuses.

Most boxing bonuses are received when depositing or registering on a betting site. But you can also find promotions with codes on the internet or from the site in their mailings.

Because they will tell you how to use a bonus and what you have to do to withdraw your money.

Boxing is a very intense and dynamic sport, which is why most bets are placed live, especially on online boxing betting sites.

The highest staked fight in the history of the sport was Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor, which exceeded $60 million in wagers.

At Casinoble we not only have all the information you need about boxing betting, but we also cover many other aspects of the betting world.

The most popular boxing betting options are the KO, TKO, TD, DQ, and win by decision.

Of course, there are! On the best boxing betting sites, there are both promotions and specific bonuses such as cashback and no deposit bonuses.

Although there are many professional bettors, we at Casinoble would never advise you to make it a lifestyle or a way of earning a living. That’s why we want you to take our advice and recommendations only for a fun activity that you can control without any problems.

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